Azienda Agricola Il Molino

Around 40 hectares of our farm are covered in olive groves. We have preferred the local native varieties – Caninese and Frantoio, with some Leccino and Pendolino.

We harvest our olives at the perfect stage of ripeness, when they start changing colour from green to purple.

We began bottling organic extra-virgin olive oil, or EVO, made exclusively from our own olives, when we bought our press in 2003. The fruit is cold-pressed on a continuous cycle, keeping the different cultivars separate so we can bottle premium monocultivar oils, the authentic expression of our terroir.

We keep our oils in dedicated nitrogen-flushed tanks, bottling immediately before shipping to conserve their full flavour, aroma and freshness.

We farm our land in line with organic principles, respecting biodiversity and prizing the local native varieties. Of our 250 hectares, 40 are given over to olive groves, and the rest is a mix of cereal crops, orchards and hazelnut trees.

We process the fruits of our soil in our own olive press and workshop, creating organic products that are a genuine expression of the flavours of Tuscia.

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