Mixed gift pack of 6 pasta formats

Mixed gift pack of 6 pasta formats


Organic Product


Our pasta is produced exclusively from our Senatore Cappelli stoneground organic flour using an artisanal method: it is bronze-drawn and left to dry for about 25 hours at low temperatures. Its porous texture and full flavour set off any sauce to great effect.
Senatore Cappelli is a high-quality durum wheat variety with tall ears and a modest yield. It has been farmed in Italy since time immemorial, but only in the 1930s did it acquire “preferred status”, as declared by celebrated Italian agricultural reformer Senator Raffaele Cappelli. The grain is rich in protein, fibre and vitamins besides being low in gluten.


This pack presents an assortment of our different pasta shapes: spaghetti, pici, paccheri, fusilli, rigatoni and intrecci. There’s one for every condiment. 

Additional information

Area of production

Montefiascone (Viterbo)

Cultivation method


Certification Body

IT BIO 009


Senatore Cappelli remilled organic durum wheat flour


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